Frank A. Rossi - Screen Plays

Ashford Hollows

Primal Fear meets Seven

When a group of seven A-list fashion models and their top-notch agent are gruesomely murdered while on a winter fashion shoot at a remote, abandoned ski resort in upstate NY, local authorities find themselves mystified, despite having one surviving eye witness to the crimes.

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An Everyday Hero

The Great Santini meets A Bronx Tale
A True Story

Blue-collar 1980's steel worker, Frank DeMarco works tirelessly to provide for his family, while fueling his passion and love for football, by pushing his son, Bobby to pursue an NFL career. Later we learn that the gridiron is not the only place to find a hero.

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Bobby Slater

Angels in the Outfield meets The Mighty Ducks

Thriving Wall Street commodities trader, Martin Ross overcomes his own unfortunate childhood, then finds his life abruptly redirected when he becomes a mentor and coach to a group of foster kids who need to win a little league championship football game in order to keep their home open.

The Unwanted

Boy Town meets Amen
A True Story

1890's Civil War hero and successful businessman, Nelson Baker joins the priesthood after witnessing an apparition of the "Blessed Mary" on the battlefield, then spends a lifetime building a small city dedicated to: orphans, unwed mothers, the poor and oppressed.