"I first met Frank Rossi in LA back in 1992. I was a young actor from Washington State with limited acting knowledge. Over the course of the next three years, I immersed myself in learning everything I could about acting from Frank. To this day I use a number of the techniques he taught me. I consider Frank a good friend and acting coach and would highly recommend him to anyone serious about acting. He was great on the set with me on, Stroke Of Genius and I have sought his coaching on several other products over the years, most notably, Frequency, Wyatt Erp, Count Of Monte Christo and Thin Red Line."

Jim Caviezel (actor)
Person of Interest, The Passion, Dejavu, Count of Monte Christo, Pay It Forward, etc.

"I first met and managed Frank as an actor in the 90's. He had just co-starred in, White Men Can't Jump. I thought him to be a wonderful actor. But then when I saw him begin coaching several of my clients, including Jim Caviezel, I observed god's plan for Frank. I have been in the business for over 35 years and have rarely seen the likes of a more talented, trusted and dedicated Teacher and artist."

Beverlee Dean (former manager)
Jim Caviezel, Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, Tara Reid, Jessica Beil, etc.

"I have known, Frankie for nearly 10 years. Initially, he took my acting/writing workshop in LA. Frank then became my writer's assistant on a TV show I was working on, Millennium. Frank worked his tail off, day in and day out, eventually writing and selling an episode with me to the show. Frank is a very talented writer and actor who I would recommend to anyone working in our profession."

Bobby Moresco (writer/director/producer)
Oscar Winner, Crash, Million Dollar Baby, etc.

"I began studying with Frank a little over four years ago. I have studied with a number of acting coaching in New York and Toronto over the years. I am now an actor living in LA and am represented by manager, Beverlee Dean - thanks to Frank. I have done 2 national SAG commercials - Nike and Toyota, co-starred in the feature, XII and am currently working on the Disney series, Vampire Chronicles. I am truthfully able to say that no one has brought me farther along on my journey as an actor than Frank Rossi."

Josh David Nuncio (actor)
X11, National Nike, National Toyota, Disney Series, etc.

"True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself.' "A quote by Henry Miller, and a description of, Mr. Frank Rossi, my acting coach for the past two years. Frank privately coached me to my first series on MTV, 2 feature films and helped with my confidence before American Idol."

Ashlee Amoia (actor/singer 19)
Star of MTV series Chloe, Exit 14, American Idol, etc.

If you really want to become a successful actor or actress, you need to study with Frank Rossi. He is amazing at what he does. I have always wanted to get into this industry, but never took the time to really try it. Instead, I focused my energy on a career as a dentist, a business entrepreneur and a taking care of my wife & 3 girls.

Then, about 2 years ago, I told myself I am finally going to be an actor in my spare time, so I called Frank and got started the next day in his basic class. After the basics class was over, I started attending the advanced class regularly. With Frank's training, I already have earned membership in SAG/AFTRA, been on General Hospital and acted in a major promotional short movie for New Era Hats which was unveiled at the 2012 NFL Draft. I have been fortunate enough to audition for Principle roles in feature films with Tom Cruise, Matt Damon and Christian Bale, and although I didn't book the films, I had an absolute blast going through the process.

I spent many years in college pursuing a degree in pre-med, a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and an MBA so I thought that compared to all that, acting would be easy. Wow, was I mistaken. It is very challenging and it takes a lot of hard work consistently to get better and better. I find it to be a radically different learning process as compared to my college studies. But, Frank makes it much easier for me because of his experience and his unique and direct approach with me. I have so much fun in Frank's class and so much fun pursuing this area of my life, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm very glad I met Frank Rossi.

Rob Bates (Dentist, Business Entrepreneur)
General Hospital, New Era, The Focus Box, Come Home

"My daughter, (16) has been a student of Frank Rossi's for the past two years. This man has a tireless patience in situations with individuals I have rarely seen. Frank has created, in my opinion, a camaraderie and emotional trust with his classes. My daughter is now more aware of her strengths and challenges and, as a result, she has become a more confident individual."

Karen Michaels (Physical Therapist)

"Mr. Rossi's interest and investment in every student translates into personal mentoring and promotion of their budding careers. Our daughter started classes with Frank at age 12. Over the past three years, we have seen great strides in her self-confidence, communication and organizational skills. The long and impressive list of Mr. Rossi's past and present students and well know actors, is a testament for a compassionate prolific teaching and mentoring talent."

Judith Halbreich (ACSW) Uriel Halbreich (MD)

"Frank helps us out with our mistakes, or tells us what we could have done better. Each class, I grow more into an actor from frank's unique teaching techniques. If I were to look at Frank as an acting coach, I would say he is very talented and knows how to teach the right things."

Colin Volker (actor, 13)

"In my experience of being taught a craft, Frank Rossi is probably the most prolific instructor I have ever had the opportunity to learn from to date. I can only describe his methods of teaching our craft as the future. He has found a way to condense what took me about ten years of learning from various coaches and private teachers into his course. So if you ever have an opportunity as I have to learn from him, I encourage you to not waste time."

Marcus Thompson (Bank Officer)

"In my opinion, Frank is what every actor/actress should strive to be - passionate, dedicated and loves what they're doing. Frank is the quintessential acting coach because he is honest and upfront with his students while being encouraging and supportive at the same time. Whether you are studying with Frank in person or through his DVD/Book series, you will learn tools and skills that can help you in every day life. Even if your aspirations don't include making it to Broadway or starring on the silver screen, Frank's lessons teach you to really listen to others and be cognizant of your surroundings and other people. Skills like these are stressed in Frank's teachings and will benefit anyone who follows his lessons whether you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Accountant or aspiring performer. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Frank and I am insistent on continuing with his teachings. He is someone whom I trust and value his opinion highly. Not only do I consider Frank a teacher and mentor but also a friend."

Amy E. Hennig (Accountant, 24)

"Frank is an excellent acting coach. He teaches from the heart. A true professional in his field. To Frank, acting is an art in and of itself. Acting for the sake of acting. With Frank you recognize the essence of comedy and drama. The core principle of acting. This most certainly shows in Frank's teaching style. He was taught by some of the best teachers such as the late Stella Adler. I would strongly recommend every acting student take Mr. Rossi's class and get his DVD series! I booked a principal role in a feature utilizing Frank's DVD techniques."

Jeffery L. Termini (Retail Sales)

"Frank's class provided exactly what I was looking for, the tools to bring a character to life. Using the techniques and lessons learned I feel confident that I will be able to continually work and progress in the craft of acting. Frank has been instrumental in helping me develop a technique to grow with as an actor, furthering my understanding of the actual work it takes to prepare for a role. His workbook and DVD series is excellent at reinforcing actual techniques I can incorporate prior to and during my auditions. I've already booked one feature film, while being in Frank's class for only 5 weeks. I would recommend Mr. Rossi to every new serious actor."

Dinash Lal (Collections Officer, 25)

"As a student of Mr. Rossi's, I can say with confidence that he truly has a gift at teaching. Mr. Rossi's DVD series reiterates his passion and dedication for acting. It also shows among his students; many have had great success in the industry. Recently, my 8-year-old my nephew developed a keen interest towards acting. I recommended Mr. Rossi's workbook to my sister. After viewing his DVDs, my nephew was able to walk into the casting agency and audition with confidence. He implemented the techniques he learned from Mr. Rossi's DVD and received a call back. I recommend the workbook and series for any actor."

Annalise Freling (Law Student)

"I am privileged to have studied under such a dynamic and influential acting coach. Not only has Frank Rossi taught me how to win as a passionate character on camera and on stage, he has shown me how to strive for the best in every aspect of my life. I recently booked my first SAG principle role in the Sean Penn movie, Fair Game. I have a very nice scene with Sean Penn. Frank's DVD series highlights the most important tools of acting and it is my guide to completely understanding the scene, the character, and how to connect my own emotional life to the character in the scene. Thanks to his DVD and workbook, I know exactly what to do as an actor and I have an unwavering confidence that I can bring to my auditions and my work. Thank you, Frank!!"

Danni Lang (Actor)
Safe, Underground Comedy, Fair Game, Late Autumn, Vlog, etc.

"I have studied under Mr. Frank Rossi for over 3 years. Frank has done more to bring my work to a professional level more than any acting teacher I've had. So much so that I now have a Co-Starring role in the epic film Nicholas of Myra. Frank has a gift of recognizing how each person is different and works with them one on one in a classroom setting. Something you will not find anywhere. His knowledge of the business and scene preparation is unmatched. I've performed in or have worked on over 100 productions in the past 30 years and I can say Mr. Frank Rossi is the most honest teacher I've met. He truly cares about his students who care about the work. I count Frank not only as my teacher, but also as my friend. His DVD series is excellent. The way he condenses all that information - while keeping it simple to understand is a testament to his wonderful abilities in explaining a very complicated process, acting, in a straightforward, easy to understand format."

Manny Psyhos (Chef, 57)

"It is my absolute pleasure to speak of my friend Frank Rossi. My name is Matthew Pfohl, and as a young actor with a budding career, I can honestly say my time studying under Frank is the most valuable of all my training. First and foremost, Frank has not only been an acting coach, but more importantly a friend and mentor.

Frank is an incredibly caring man, and as a coach this is seen in his dedication to detail; he spends the time to understand his students internally and externally, and uses this to maximize their potential. Off of the stage, Frank demands as much of his students as he does on, and stresses the importance of life experience. I had the pleasure of studying under Frank for over two years, and consider this time the most educational of my acting career. Frank demands the best of his actors and pushes them to deliver it, because he knows they have talent that sometimes they aren't even aware they have themselves. Frank's critiques are thorough and honest, and challenge the actor to see his or her work from new and exciting angles.

I consider myself lucky to have studied under a teacher with the knowledge, empathy, and talent of Frank Rossi. I know for a fact, that I would not be the actor I am today, if it were not for his class. Since his class, I have moved and begun a new class, and those I study with are blown away by my technique. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am the actor I am today because of Frank Rossi. His DVD series is simply an extension of his unparalleled understanding of acting and more importantly, how to convey it to the young actor in simple terms."

Matthew J Pfohl (actor, 17)

"Mr. Rossi is an amazing acting coach. I have been performing and studying acting since I was 5 years old and I can honestly say that I learned more in my first 3 hour class with Frank than I had learned in 3 years of classes elsewhere. He understands his students' strengths and weaknesses completely, and challenges us to take that extra step to be the best that we can be. His DVD series is great! Easy to understand and very helpful in preparing me for auditions. I recently filmed my first SAG movie, thanks so much Frank! "

Lara Barnes (Student, 16)

"Frank has had a tremendous positive impact on my daughter and I trust him completely to teach her and guide her to understand not only the craft of acting, but to give her sound advice on how the 'business' works. She is far more confident as an actor and has a stronger belief in her own abilities. Frank truly cares about his students, he's an amazing teacher and role model, and we are so fortunate to have him right here in Buffalo."

Mrs. Dee Barnes (Parent)

"I am a young actress who studied at the California State University of Los Angeles and lived in Los Angeles after college for three years. I met Frank Rossi this past year. I am thrilled to have him as my acting coach because he has motivated me in so many ways not to give up and that practice and training is the key! There are so many acting coaches out there but I am happy that I found the best...Frank has really made me want to learn and to stay motivated and patient and that it doesn't just happen over night and not to give up and always follow your Dream. Over the course of just being in his class a couple months, I have learned so much from the beginning and now advanced class I could about acting from Frank. To this day I use a number of the techniques he taught me, especially his DVD series - It reiterates Frank's teaching beautifully for both building a character and auditioning. I have already booked a couple features and recently acquired a new agent. Mr. Rossi breaks down a script in simple steps -- That is the number one thing I have learned. My sister, Elizabeth McKendry who played all 11 understudy female roles in the Broadway production of "The Producers" audited Frank's class and was amazed how much she learned that night. She too is very happy I am studying with Mr. Rossi.

Thanks, Frank"

Amelie McKendry (Hearst Daily News)

"Frank Rossi was my acting teacher in the fall of 2008. I joined the 'Beginner's Class' as a total novice at the age of 52. While I had no acting experience, I had been in sales for 25 years and a high school teacher for four years before that. I often wondered about a possible correlation between these professions. I wanted to find out more, but mostly my intentions were simply to have fun.

I always wanted to act; yet I really never had the confidence to do so. Frank was nothing but positive and encouraging to me. He was also honest with all of us in the class, which, by the way ranged from ages 10 to 52 (me). He was good at pulling the best out of all of us. This was not one of those lecture kind of classes. He started us off quickly by asking us to participate in various exercises. We were asked to play various animate (dog, cat, lion, etc.), as well as inanimate objects (desk, table, lamp, etc.). He put us in various scenarios, both comedic (as in "Whose Line Is It?") and dramatic. For example, Frank assigned to each of us a part in a screenplay that he wrote called "Bakerstown".

Frank's DVD series helped all of us prepare between classes. This is critical. These DVD's emphasized many of the exercises we performed in class. To simply show up without preparation in anything anyone does in life usually brings failure, or at the very least, a lack of the success that one should achieve. We were able to practice and hone our skills in a reasonable amount of time-important because most of us had other jobs and responsibilities.

All of the above ultimately prepared me for two important events. And to me, they truly were events. The first was a videotaping of a dramatic monologue. I chose a scene from "The Family Man", a movie with Nick Cage. This required me to get very sentimental and cry to a woman who would later become my wife in the movie. I prepared and practiced like crazy and ultimately I pulled it off. Actually I nailed it, all because of Frank's help and guidance. He coached me through it. He was able to squeeze every bit of emotion out of me that day. To everyone in that room and to everyone who saw the scene on disc later, I wasn't acting. It was real. There is no acting in acting. He taught me that. If you look like you are acting, then you are not authentic.

The second event that Frank prepared me for was my first audition. It was for a Catholic Charities T.V. commercial. While I did not get the job, I was confident and prepared. I felt good about what I did that day for Trish from Bulldog productions. I am proud of all that I have learned and experienced and heartily recommend Frank Rossi. Frank is both a professional and caring teacher."

John Brockenshier (Pharmaceutical Rep)

"Frank Rossi is more than a teacher; he is an inspiration to me. He will get you trained properly and ready for the real world. His professionalism, experience, and style set him apart from the rest. I highly recommend his DVD series if you are an actor who's serious about growth and development."

Cindy Miller (housewife, mother of three)

"My daughter who is 11 has been taking acting classes from Frank Rossi since the fall of 2008. It has been an absolute pleasure to see how my daughter enjoys, responds and relates to Frank and all of the other acting students from the beginners class and now to the advanced class. Frank has the ability to blend his students of all ages to work together and off each other in a way I have never seen. He is encouraging, caring and professional in every way. My daughter's skills in communication, listening and her overall confidence has thrived under Franks tutelage. She constantly refers to Frank's DVDs on acting for guidance and absolutely loves them."

Nina Smith (Dental Professional)

"I have been studying acting since October 2008 from Frank Rossi. Frank consistently challenges me in a very positive way to bring me to my full potential while still making it fun. I have more confidence in everything I do. I am also more focused overall. I feel after every Monday night class I learn something about myself. His DVD series is awesome. It gives me a lot of confidence when I look at a role before an audition. Frank's the best!!"

Kendal Smith (student, 11)

"Just wanted to let you know - I went to a workshop this evening that my agent suggested. It's run by the biggest casting agent out of Shreveport - Ryan Glorioso. We had to come in with a scene prepared and do a cold read. Well, he really liked my performance. Didn't have much to say in terms of a critique - he said I was very natural. I kept thinking in my head -- "just be." I thought you'd get a kick out of that. I learned something in all those acting classes up there in New York! And it was so funny because there were a lot of "theater" actors in the workshop - they sure are arrogant, but it was so much fun hearing the casting guy tell them to take it down a notch."

Dawn Neufeld (Lawyer)

"Under Frank's tutelage, my comedy improvisational and scene study skills have improved immensely. Frank is able to relate to many different types of people and he has a great ability to zero in on exactly what you need to improve on."

Jim Fulater (train engineer)
Waiting On Alphie, Time Warner, Kodak, etc.

"Frank is tireless, relentless, and always looking out for the best interests of his students. I have personally hired dozens of his trained actors, and have always been impressed with not only their acting skills, but their professionalism as well."

Tom Mauro (Owner - Studio Center, Buffalo, NY)

"Frank has dramatically improved the level of actor here in the Western New York area. He truly does care about the people he teaches. I have used a number of his students and have been very happy with the results. Rossi knows his stuff, and it shows. His DVD series is extremely well put together, both visually and with content. I look at from time to time myself, it helps me understand the actor's process."

Mark Foggetti (Director)
Quikfill, Ramour & Flanagan, Buick, etc.

"Being a good acting coach requires similar characteristics to that of an orchestra leader. Timing, tempo, and rhythm have to work hand-in-hand to produce the final masterpiece; this is what I have learned from Frank Rossi, my acting coach and friend."

Chris Pera (actor)
Exit 14, Time Warner, Kodak, etc.

"Chris has become more confident as an actor, but more importantly, as a person. I hear the energy in his voice and the fire in his heart every Monday night when he comes home form class. Thank you, Frank Rossi, for helping my husband to see his full potential. Your dedication to your students has made a difference in many lives; not just Chris' but mine as well."

Tammy Pera (Continental Airlines)

"My son, Steven (18) has had many difficulties in life, especially during the last few years. Frank learned of my son's difficulties and offered him a full scholarship. While attending Frank's classes, I have noticed that Steven has started to build real confidence in himself and his innate abilities. He is doing much better in school - and now looks forward to life's new challenges. I've actually seen him refer back to Frank's video a number of times and spend several hours reviewing it."

Linda Conroy (Registered Nurse)

"Frank has been a great help to me. He is a 'great' coach and helps bring out the talent inside me. I thank Frank for the time and energy spent on me. He has helped me through some tough times. His DVDs are really cool. I use them to help me relax and inspire my creativity. Thanks Frank."

Steven Conroy (actor, 18)

"My son, Colin, now thirteen, has participated in weekly adult classes, and has had a maturation of his acting craft. You never hear Frank say, "You can't do something." With proper preparation, anything is possible. Colin continues to gain self-confidence in ability and Frank's. I highly recommend Mr. Rossi as an excellent teacher and coach."

Denise Volker (Physician's Assistant)

"Frank is so much more than a teacher. He works outside class to help people with headshots, auditions, scene work, etc.. There is not one time I have not left Frank's class without feeling inspired. Inspired to work harder, and learn more to make myself better for next time. Frank's DVD series is also inspiring. I refer to it quite frequently to make sure I am building a character and preparing to audition the proper way. "

Katrina Michaels (actor/dancer, 15)

"As an actor working in Los Angeles for the past seven years, I have studied with several very good teachers. I must say that Frank Rossi is among the best of the best. His technique at breaking down audition material is second to none. He gives you the tools to not only get the callback, but the job as well. Frank's DVD series is the first of it's kind - it offers the actor who is familiar with his/her process the ability to reaffirm and check their techniques before going in to audition for a role, or more importantly before starting work on a feature or television show. I have used his series and private instructional coaching for How I Met Your Mother, The Closer, Seven Pounds, several National Commercials to name just a few. The DVD series and Frank Rossi works for me."

Charlene Amoia (actor)
Glee, How I met Mother, Girlfriends, My Boys, The Closer, Seven Pounds, etc.

"I have taught grades 7-12 and coached sports for ten years. And I believe that, 'people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.' Frank Rossi is the epitome of this statement. I have booked over 100 paying acting jobs over the past five years while working with Frank. The man knows what to teach and how to teach it. His DVD series is a very god indicator of that. I regularly refer to it before a big audition, whether it be, stage, film or television. It gives me a detailed way of approaching any and all scenes. I have booked over 50 commercials, industrials and spokesperson jobs because of Frank's DVD series, private coaching and weekly advanced class."

Doug Buczak (actor)
Co-Host, Keurig International Infomercial, ESPN Finalist, Time Warner, Kodak, National Host - Kmart, Sears, etc.

"My daughter, Chloe (8) is the youngest student of Frank's. Frank is great with her. He is extremely patient, and he communicates with her, almost treating her as a young adult. Frank's classes and private coaching skills have taught my daughter a great deal about herself. Her communication and listening skills have been heightened - her grades are at the top of her class. And most importantly, her confidence - real confidence in herself is beginning to blossom. His DVD series is well put together. Frank takes very complicated techniques and simplifies them in a way that my daughter understands, while simultaneously treating her like a young adult. I would highly recommend Frank Rossi as an acting coach to all parents interested in their child's growth both on and off the stage."

Lisa Keating (Business Owner, Lawyer)

"After taking Frank's on-camera acting class in Rochester this past fall, I feel that he has introduced me to my true "calling" in life. With newfound confidence, I auditioned (and was cast) for my first Indy movie. I've always loved to perform, whether it was dancing, singing or acting in school plays or community theatre. Over the years, I've taken many musical theatre & stage acting classes to help me with vocals, stage presence, etc., but I've never learned so much in just one class as I had in frank's on-camera acting classes. They are so fun & rewarding that my parents drive me to Buffalo every week. It's not just "acting techniques" that Frank teaches, he also stresses to never compromise ourselves for a part that we aren't comfortable with. I respect him as a person as well as an instructor. His DVD series totally rocks!"

Alyssa Lackey (Actor, Singer, Songwriter & Dancer, 14)

"Our family became acquainted with Mr. Rossi through my daughter Gretchen's pursuit of her passion, acting. Frank Rossi has been a mentor, teacher and coach. His teaching has inspired her confidence and given her the tools and courage to pursue a career in that competitive profession.

The first time I met Frank Rossi he truly surprised me with his concern, not only for the students as actors, but as people. He even insisted one of the young men escort us to our car because it was dark. Frank has taken great care to set the standard of propriety in the conduct of his class. Because of his diligence, we have been at ease while our daughter spends her time with her fellow acting students. Frank's class has been the highlight of her week.

Watching Frank teach is an education in itself. I am no actor, but to watch a student's delivery transformed from a timid monologue to a nuanced and captivating performance is a real treat. Frank's teaching style makes his depth of knowledge accessible to his students at all levels. It has been a privilege to watch him instruct a beginner in basics and to observe his seasoned, professional students polish their auditions with his guidance.

And do his students succeed! Several of his charges have gained their SAG cards. Others have been selected from highly competitive auditions for roles in films, and other media. When Gretchen auditioned for the Bachelor of Acting Studies Program at Trinity College's Abbey Theatre in Dublin, Frank made himself available for many last minute coaching sessions via cell phone. Largely, thanks to what Mr. Rossi has taught Gretchen, she was selected for a class of 12 from nearly 400 auditions. He is that committed to every one of the students he trains. It is a pleasure to offer this letter of reference without reservation."

Valerie Rigual (MD)

"As the mom of a timid pre-teen, I constantly sought for ways to draw out the sensitive, loving, animated child I knew my daughter was at home. Involving her in dance classes, music classes, and other extracurricular activities never helped my daughter Erica break out of her shell or speak up for herself. Although she was quite capable of conversation, she lacked the confidence to approach a store clerk to ask even the simplest question. Then she tagged along with me one evening to Frank Rossi's Advanced Acting class when I was unable to arrange for a sitter.(Ok, I'll admit it... I dragged her.) The next week, she asked if she could attend the class again and bring a friend with her. The week after that she begged me to join the class.

Erica enrolled in Frank Rossi's Beginner's Class in the Fall of 2005, has moved on to his Advanced Acting Class and hasn't stopped acting since. As a teacher, Frank is able to draw out his student's strengths, help her identify her weaknesses, and provide acting techniques to build her acting ability as well as her confidence. Frank brings not only his teaching ability to the class, but also his own talent as a seasoned actor. He is able to instruct each student addressing his individual needs while teaching the class as a whole. Students learn from Frank as well as each other acting techniques and styles that will give them the edge while auditioning for film or theater. Frank maintains high standards and a sense of professionalism all of his students come to respect and admire. The skills my daughter learned from Frank's classes have carried over into other aspects of her life. After performing in several high school productions as well as auditioning and working for clients in Western New York, Erica will attend college this fall as a communications/broadcasting major."

Jeanne W (College Professor)

"Frank is a great guy who really knows how o coach and talk with young people. I am 14 years old and have traveled twice to New York City with Frank on auditions for a contract role on One Life To Live and the lead character of Will in the 20th Century Fox feature, Will. I did book a smaller role on One life To Live thanks to Frank's coaching. I also received a callback on the feature and continue to be sent out for leads on great projects by my agent thanks to Frank's coaching."

Paul Fix (14)
One Life to Live

To all of Frank's students,4/13/2012

Congratulations to all of you who auditioned for and booked the roles in the New Era film. You all deserve much approbation for giving it your all. In light of all of this, I'd like to share a bit of encouragement to all of you who are studying with Frank. I've been in Los Angeles for over a year now and have had A LOT of experiences thus far. I managed to make my way into a casting workshop this past weekend to engage with and read for some of the top casting directors in the business. Libby Goldstein (Homeland, Big Love, etc), Deborah Aquila (Twilight, True Blood, My life with Marilyn, Dexter etc), April Webster (Mission Impossible movies, LOST, CSI etc) & Beth Klein (Senior VP of Casting at Universal Television). I felt really lucky to be able to do this because I was able to interact with these people in a different light, outside of their office and freely speaking their minds. I was also fortunate enough to spend some time listening to Margie Haber, a very well known acting coach out here in LA as she gave her pearls of wisdom. Nearly everything that she spoke of I had already known because of Frank. True story. It goes to show that Frank has lived and breathed this business long enough to know what it's all about.

I saw 2 actors get up and do a scene in front of one of the casting directors and fail miserably at the listening part of it. It was the single most important aspect of the scene that was missing. Which goes to show why Frank reiterates till he's blue in the face every week about "LISTENING". Who are you talking to? Be SPECIFIC. The relationship is more important than the story. There is no such thing as "acting" in acting. You are telling a story. It's real people, with real thoughts and feelings in an imaginary situation. Be the best person you can be to tell the story. Make a choice when you walk into the room and commit to it. When you're trying to find out who your character is, you must either personalize or use your imagination. I know many of you substitute/personalize when it comes to building your character, but don't be so afraid to take chances with your imagination. Whatever you have to do to BELIEVE the circumstances yourself. Use what you have and find your uniqueness.

I of course also must comment on Frank's "patting yourself on the back". Each and every time you audition, whether you fail or succeed, ALWAYS VALIDATE YOURSELF. I can't express to you all enough that if you don't learn that habit now, you are in for a BIG surprise when you get to LA or NY. I could elaborate more but I think the above is all that's really needed. Listen to Frank, work hard and believe in yourself!

Kristin Sargent (actor)

Our son, Matthew, had shown interest in theatrical arts for some time. As a family we encouraged Matthew. He started to do some local plays about a year ago and it was evident, that even at his young age, he had talent, raw talent. That's where Frank Rossi came in.

After our first meeting with Frank and seeing how he worked with Matthew it was very apparent that Frank not only knew how to teach he knew how to relate to his pupil. From there we enrolled Matthew in one of Frank's classes and since then Matthew continues to have private sessions with Frank.

Recently, Matt just finished shooting a student film and he also landed a featured role in a movie that will be filming in the summer of 2012. As a family we all believe that this is due to the instruction that not only Matthew receives from Frank but the lessons that Frank has taught our family about the business. By The way, did I tell you Matthew is only NINE?

Michelle & Rob Kozak (parents)

"I feel very privileged to study with Frank Rossi both in his advanced scene study class and privately. Frank has taught me a great deal about acting - most importantly that 'there is no acting in acting.' Because of Frank's classes, I feel very comfortable reading for any projects both in NYC and LA. As a Manger, Mr. Rossi set up the meeting that let me sign with current agent, Abrams Artists. If you are serious about learning your craft, then Frank Rossi is for you."

Lizzy Cappuccino (actor, 15)
Deception, Focus Box, Oxy Clean, Nicholas of Myra, etc.

Frank is beyond a passionate person, and his intensity for acting is contagious. I leave each class feeling inspired to work even harder on my own. He forces event the best actors to face their weaknesses head on - giving them the tools to deliver their strongest performance possible. Taking Frank's class and studying with him privately has given me a great deal of confidence, especially on auditions, and when working on a film set.

Frank is always on top of his game. He knows the ins and outs of Hollywood, can negotiate with the best of them, and in less than six months has helped me secure my first role in the studio film, Adventureland and a co-starring role in an independent feature, while simultaneously making sure I read for everything I'm right for. His DVD series is also a wonderful tool that helps me in my process.

Kelsey Ford (actress)
Vampires Suck, All Signs of Death, Adventureland, etc.

"For the past four years, Frank Rossi has been my acting coach. I came to him wanting to learn how to act and have accomplished far more than I ever could have imagined. I now have over 50 on-camera jobs under my belt." A client of East/West Talent Management, Sarah recently costarred in the psychological thriller, "The Alphabet Killer," starring, Elisha Dushku, Timothy Hutton and Cary Elwes. She also currently has two national SAG commercials running, and last year had a featured role in the coming of age film, "Cherry Crush" starring Jonathan Tucker and Nikki Reid."

Sarah Anderson (physician's assistant, actress)
Marathon Oil, Time Warner, Alphabet Killer, Cherry Crush etc.

"Having studied in Toronto and New York City, I have not seen a more seasoned, determined and dedicated acting coach than Frank Rossi. Having worked as an actor on many projects himself, Frank understands the process, choices and what to do with those choices better than anyone else. I consider him a great coach, mentor and a close friend."

A client of East/West talent Management, Matt, a veteran of dozens of musicals in Toronto, recently obtained his SAG eligibility booking a national commercial in Pittsburgh. Matt has also appeared as a host on the TV show, "What Not To Wear" and this month will be hosting a nationwide Bacardi Tour.

Matt Landon (actor, LA)
National Tour - Godspell, Nicholas of Myra, Focus Box etc.

It was over a year ago that my daughter wanted to get more involved with acting, and as I searched where I should take her, I was recommended by another parent to get in touch with Frank Rossi. After I phoned Frank, he impressed me right off the bat, with an almost 40 minute phone conversation that answered all my questions. After signing up for the beginners class, I took my then 12 year old daughter, who immediately was inspired by Frank's passion, knowledge, experience, teaching qualifications, and by far his enthusiasm. Since May of 2011, we completed the class, have taken advanced sessions with Frank, and are currently taking Private Lessons.. As a 25 year veteran public Educator myself, let me tell you, he is an exceptional teacher, honest, driven by what he does, and reaches all ages with his skills. Not only that, but I am impressed on his caring of his students. He will not let kids leave on their own, he makes sure a woman who has to leave does not leave the building alone, and is of high concern for everyone's safety. As a parent, I am proud that Kallie is with Frank, who has shown my daughter, the ropes of becoming a good actor, how to audition, and an educate her as to what acting is all about. From day 1, Frank has been honest to everyone. There are no phony promises, only a top of the line acting education. How far you take it is up to the individual and the industry. We are lucky to have this opportunity here in Buffalo. Thank you so much Frank!

Robert A. Olear Jr. (MS Business Edu)

I found that attending Mr. Rossi's classes were extremely beneficial. They prepared me from the audition to the final filming. In class, I went deep inside myself and brought out things that I would of never done experienced normally. Although acting is a hobby for me, I developed confidence, that confidence is evident on the "silver screen".

John Krause (Police Officer)

"It has been a great experience studying with Frank; he has helped me grow so much as an actor. He has taught me the proper way to audition and use acting techniques. It has been a privilege studying with Frank Rossi."

Kenny Korba (actor)

As a retired elementary teacher with over 30 years classroom experience, I can recognize the qualities of a good teacher no matter what the setting. Having participated in Frank's basic class and several advanced sessions, I have seen first hand how Frank utilizes techniques and strategies that draw out the best in his students. In particular, Frank has an uncanny ability using essential questions that enable students to reach into their inner core in order to release the necessary emotional response for a given scene. As such he is sensitive to the needs of each of his students and provides appropriate classroom experiences to help them maximize and enhance their acting skills. He definitely knows how to prepare those who are interested in an acting career and I highly recommend him.

Michaelene LaNave (retired school teacher)

Frank has been my acting coach for four years now. Frank has not only developed me as an actor, but as an individual as well. Frank uses constructive criticism to develop actors. Taking both the beginners class and the advanced class with Frank has shaped me as an actor, and has built my confidence with things as simple as public speaking. Frank challenges his students to reach their full potential. He has prepared me to work with casting directors from Los Angeles and New York City. He is a fantastic and experienced acting coach, addressing all fields of the craft. He has made me feel comfortable while cold reading and performing improve. Frank has always emphasized to me that talent is not about age as it is about dedication. I would recommend Frank as an acting coach to anyone. I could not ask for a more rewarding and educational experience in my four years.

Kendal Smith (student, 15)

I've wanted to be an actor my whole life, however I never really knew how to do it. I found Frank's website and DVD series, so I bought it and tried it out. That gave me a good idea of what I was stepping into and it made my passion for acting even stronger. After the DVD series, I started taking the beginner classes. I learned so much more than I ever thought I could. I go through the advanced classes now, and I continue to improve all the time. I've not only grown as an actor, but as a person too. Frank realizes that we are all different people with different ways of understanding and doing things, and he works with us individually to help us improve our weaknesses, and perfect our strengths. He has taught me how to chase my dreams and never look back. I have worked with Frank for almost a year now, and I feel like I've worked with him for even longer than that because of how much I've learned and done. I feel very privileged and honored to know and work with a great and inspirational man like him. I cannot wait to see what my future holds for me, and I have Frank to thank for that.

Kayla McClure (Age 17)

I began Frank Rossi's acting class in 2011, and it's helped me a lot. It has taught me that in life what you put into something, is what you'll get out of it. When you put in effort toward something, and really work for it, you will be rewarded. Each Monday night I come home motivated. I literally cannot sleep, and I'll stay up all night working on what did in class. The class has a very positive vibe. Even the criticism is encouraging; because you're reminded you can always be better. Frank is a fantastic coach, and when he teaches you can tell he knows what he's talking about. I've applied many of the practices he has taught me, and I can actually feel when these techniques work. I feel I have grown a great deal both as a person and as an actor.

Melissa Keller (Student, 17)

In less than two years, Frank Rossi has not only taught me the necessary skills to become an actor, he has also given me the opportunity to see myself in a whole new light. Frank is an inspiring teacher who settles for nothing less than your best. He has pushed me not only to be a better actor, but a better teacher to my own students, as well as a better person.

The classroom environment that Frank creates is a warm and nurturing one in which every student is welcome. I have met some lifelong friends there. I consider Frank a tremendous teacher and a great friend. Thanks to Frank, I've been exposed to several acting opportunities I never dreamed were possible. Thank you, Frank.

Paul Spitale (College Professor)
Walmart On Camera Commercial Host, New Era, Sarah Baker, etc.

Frank Rossi is a great resource who provides a great service to this community and the entertainment industry.

Frank's workbook and DVD provided for the beginner class does not just end after the eight weeks. In the advanced acting class each week, I see the students referring to the workbook or making notes regarding a technique Frank teaches.

Frank Rossi has been my daughter's (17 years old) acting coach for nearly two years. Since that time, I have seen my daughter grow in her confidence and acting ability. Currently on her eighth production locally, I see the difference in my daughter's performances as her learning from Frank has gone on. She is more confident and her improvisation skills have greatly improved.

Each Monday evening, after the advanced class, my daughter is ready for more. She is so excited about what she has learned and experienced. Many times, she has tells me that she wishes that classes are every night.

As a parent who has sat in on the class week after week, I have seen each actor grow and practice their skills. Frank does not only teach acting, but life skills as well. He is a positive motivator and mentor to all students in the class. When he teaches, he provides each student the techniques needed to get them to the next level.

Tracy Keller (Mom)

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be an actor. Not knowing what it takes to fulfill this dream, I needed to find someone who knew what it took. But just knowing what it takes is half the battle, knowing how to act & teach it to someone who has very little experience was key for me to find. Then I met Frank Rossi. I was drawn to Frank as a coach when I attended his class. His coaching has and continues to help me find the right direction to continue to better myself as an actor. He has showed me that there is always more to learn.

As a coach, he has provided guidance in the PROPER ways to train as an actor. He knows the business. He knows what producers and directors are looking for and how to get the best out of you every time. In addition to coaching me as an actor Frank has also educated me about life. He challenged me and pushed me farther than anyone ever has. And for that I am truly grateful. He has showed me what hard work can actually do. His class has made me a much better actor who is still learning as well as a much better man. I have booked several paid acting jobs through Frank and continue to audition On-Camera for A List film projects in Pittsburgh thanks to Frank. I am truly grateful for everything Frank has done for me and I look forward to continue to work with him in the future.

Joey Battaglia (actor)
New Era, Time Warner, etc.

I've been studying with Frank Rossi the past 3 years. He has completely changed my life. I've never worked with a smarter, more caring, and more in tune coach before. Frank teaches you not only acting techniques but emotional availability that benefits not only the acting you perform but opens you up emotionally as a person.

Frank has always been honest and respectful. He has helped me open emotionally and "go there" for a scene. I am blessed to have met him. Frank is extremely in tune to the type of person you are and as a great teacher adapts to each person to train them most effectively. You would be lucky to have Frank as an acting coach, mentor, and manager.

Selina Kaye (actress)
General Hospital, National Television Host, New Era, Time Warner, Focus Box, etc.

The quality of Frank Rossi's classes is beyond compare. He is insightful yet reasonable with his critique which makes his teaching style compatible for students of all ages. It is a very rare thing to find an acting class like frank's. He gives us time to develop not only as actors but as people, too. Frank holds all of his students to the highest standard, asking no more than our very best. It is the best part of my week, and I highly recommend Frank's class to anyone who truly wants to improve as an actor.

Daniele Licata (17)
Northwest Savings Bank, Triple AAA, Wireless Communications

I spent a long time trying to come up with a testimonial which would do justice to how fantastic Frank and his class are. The result was something closer to a novel than a paragraph. So, with effort, I've whittled my thoughts down as best I can: I adore Frank. He is smart, funny (but don't tell him that!), and he makes class fun. He knows what he's talking about, but much more importantly he knows how to teach it.

I actually look forward to Mondays now, because of his class. Before starting with him, I never would have imagined that acting would become such a huge part of my life. But now I can't imagine my life without it. And without Frank, I never would have discovered that part of me. He's awesome. I'd recommend his class to anyone, in a heartbeat.

Megan X Dommer
Business Implementation - Global Payments and Cash Management | HSBC Bank USA

"A teacher has a profound influence on "eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops (Henry Adams)." My experience with Frank Rossi has been a pleasure. He is both my mentor as well as my manager. During acting class, Frank will teach the absolute best acting techniques available. His teaching skills are that of the industry’s top acting coaches and instructors. He combines technical excellence with positive reinforcement in order to direct his students. Frank is always very positive and encouraging. I know God has blessed Frank with an amazing teaching ability because my auditioning skills have become so much stronger since I began lessons with him. While in class, we practice (Meisner/Method) advanced acting techniques for stage, film and television, as well as commercial copy. This makes his students well rounded and completely marketable.

As my manager, Frank has helped me to achieve my goals. Within one year, I have secured a SAG card, obtained a top agent in Pittsburgh, booked a recurring role on the Nickelodeon show, Supah Ninjas’s and will be meeting with Abrams and CESD in NYC. Frank looks out for my best interest and is completely trustworthy. I have been blessed to have Frank as both a manager and a teacher!"

Sami DiMora (18)
Supah Ninja's recurring role, nickelodean

"I just completed my first 8 week class with Frank and look back with a significant sense of accomplishment and learning. I did not know what to expect from the beginner's course but quickly found myself involved and less and less reserved with each class. The progression from "acting" to "being myself" on stage and creating a character was huge-whether in front of the camera or on stage and I am able to transfer so many of the skills learned through Frank's coaching beyond an audition, for these are skills that can be adapted to what I do everyday in my role at work. I would recommend Frank's tutelage to anyone and look forward to additional classes in the future."

Ike Jordan (pharmaceutical sales)

"My 12 year old son and I have been working with Frank Rossi to develop are skills as actors. We first started with Frank by take a private lesson, we then moved forward and participated in his 8 week beginner class for: stage, film, TV, and commercials. Frank’s, ability to incorporate the Meisner Method of teaching acting, to a 44 year old, then turn and do the same without skipping a beat to a 12 year old, was, well let’s just say as a Detective for a Police department, it takes a lot to impress me. I have been very impressed with the ease in which he was able to cultivate my confidence in pushing me to develop as an actor. Mostly as I mentioned before, I am amazed with how well he has worked with my son. Frank is kind, engaging, and directive without being critical. As a parent, I appreciate that Frank is not only a talented teacher, but also able to effectively guide my son in this most difficult industry. My son and I are so impressed with Frank’s teaching methods that we moved on to his advance acting classes."

Shawn Bosi (homicide detective)

"HI Frank! I absolutely loved your class and your teaching and you, you were awesome! I miss it already:( I learned so much and really opened up by the end of the program. I go to school right now for Dental Hygiene but what I ultimately want to do is act and move away to New York. I think you were an awesome acting coach, my first one and I’m sure my best! I made friends and learned so much and did things I didn't think I knew how to do. I want to do the classes in buffalo, can you just send me some information on it... Thanks so much Frank"

Rachel Witzel ( Student, 18)

"Frank's acting class was very beneficial for me, In my opinion it both improved my technique as a performer and gave me more confidence to do things that are outside of my comfort zone. He helped me to see where my areas of strength are and gave me tools to improve my areas of weakness. I learned a lot and had a blast, and I hope to work with Frank Rossi for the years to come."

Cate Perschke, (Student 18)

"Training with Frank Rossi is an honor I went to other acting classes but they wasn't showing me as much to be an actor and they ask for more money and all I wanted to be was an actor till I met Frank Rossi he brought something out of me that I thought I could never do he patient with you and takes the time to work with you and with money and even if you don't want to pursue acting you can use these skills to help you with a job interview or give you confidence in yourself because of him I have to sag vouchers one more to go and ill keep training with him thank you Frank."

Damion D Bates (martial arts expert, stuntman)

"Frank Rossi teaches a valuable class on character development, scene breakdown, and professional auditioning. I found his entire class to be fascinating and it provided me with insights that I hadn’t considered as an actor. His approach to scene breakdown and the subtext (back story) to each line a character speaks really helps the actor get to the root of the emotion his or her character should be feeling in the scene. To really feel what is going on. His emphasis on preparation before auditioning or performing a scene will positively affect me as an actor. I believe that my abilities as an actor have grown significantly because I took his class. He is supportive and positive. Always encouraging his students to participate or giving them that push when needed to jump in. I highly recommend his class."

Larry Ploscowe (executive recruiter)

"My Daughter, Kallie, has been with Frank for almost 3 years now, but it was through her and watching Frank work with her, inspired me to do what I was told to do years ago as a teenager, and that was "ACT. So, I have taken Frank's Classes, learned so much, and use everything that he has shown me on every audition I have gone on... Although so much is about the needs for the particular part, I have left commercial auditions, and movie auditions with compliments and actual ovations for my performances, including when the director came out behind the camera at the American Side Movie and said "Sir, that was awesome what you did", in fact I looked at my daughter who is also in the scene, and said, see, that was what Frank taught us . .It is a tough industry, but thanks to Frank Rossi, I feel my day is coming, and as soon as I retire from teaching high school in 4 years... Acting is in my pursuit due to Frank..."

Robert A. Olear Jr. (high school teacher)

"After training in my home country of Ireland for six years and working as an independent actor for one. I came to Rochester, New York to make my base and hopefully further my acting career. I was so happy to find the Frank Rossi advanced acting class and immediately got in contact with Frank who was so accommodating straight off as the workshop had already begun. When I finally arrived in the workshop I knew I was in the right place from Frank's teaching methods. The techniques he uses are key to understanding what is needed as an actor and what is required by an actor to perform in auditions of any sort in this business, it’s easy to tell he has acquired it through his many years of practicing and working under the tutelage of some of the best acting practitioners in the business. His understanding of text was a bonus for me as he helped bridge a gap I was missing in explaining subtext. I could see he loves to teach and is great at it which allows him to relay the knowledge to each person in a way they would understand. I would definitely recommend The Frank Rossi Acting workshops for anyone looking to begin or refresh their acting career. It has made me more confident in applying my craft in the future."

Philip James Russell (actor)

"As a retired Mathematics Teacher and Secondary Assistant Principal, I decided to pursue a dream of acting and found Frank's ad. He graciously invited me to sit in on one of his classes and I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. Frank was honest, caring, passionate and direct with his suggestions during class. I was so impressed with what I saw that I had to give it a try! After completing the basic course I gained the confidence I needed to continue on to the advanced classes, and was further inspired to read a few acting books and attend more plays. I have already learned a lot about acting and even though I have a long way to go, I know I'll never go wrong with Frank's help and advice. I truly feel blessed to have found him because he has already changed my life and my understanding of acting in so many ways. I would highly recommend Frank's classes to anyone and everyone!"

Louise Klier (retired school teacher)