Scene Work for 2 Gals

  1. 27 Dresses Sisters.pdf (21Kb)
  2. 28 Days Sisters.doc (25Kb)
  3. 4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days.doc (33Kb)
  4. A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot.doc (53Kb)
  5. A Thousand Acres.doc (39Kb)
  6. A Thousand Acres.pdf (58Kb)
  7. A View From The Bridge Mother Daughter.doc (42Kb)
  8. A Weekend In Vegas.doc (35Kb)
  9. Absence of Malice Megan Theresa.pdf (351Kb)
  10. Accused.doc (35Kb)
  11. Americas Sweetheart Kiki Gewn.doc (31Kb)
  12. An Unmarried Woman Erica Tanya.doc (34Kb)
  13. Angie Tina Angie.pdf (94Kb)
  14. Baby Dance.doc (47Kb)
  15. Baby With The Bathwater.docx (26Kb)
  16. Bad Habits Benson Hedges.pdf (31Kb)
  17. Bangar Sisters DMV.doc (35Kb)
  18. Beaches Hillary CC Bar.pdf (28Kb)
  19. Boogie Nights.doc (20Kb)
  20. Bound Coffee.doc (22Kb)
  21. Boys On The Side Hospital.doc (24Kb)
  22. Boys On The Side miss it.pdf (55Kb)
  23. Bride Wars.doc (34Kb)
  24. Bridesmaids Annie Lillian.docx (12Kb)
  25. Bridesmaids Toast.doc (25Kb)
  26. Cannery Row.doc (29Kb)
  27. Cellmates Jody Kate.pdf (57Kb)
  28. Cellmates.pdf (25Kb)
  29. Choose Me.doc (39Kb)
  30. Cruel Intentions Kathryn Cecil.docx (14Kb)
  31. Dangerous Liaisons.doc (33Kb)
  32. Date Night.docx (19Kb)
  33. EASY A Olive Ms. Griffith.docx (12Kb)
  34. Easy A Olive Rhiannon.docx (12Kb)
  35. Emily Hallie Emily Bar.doc (28Kb)
  36. Evening.doc (28Kb)
  37. Fathers Day.doc (57Kb)
  38. Five Women Wearing The Same Dress.doc (38Kb)
  39. Five Women Wearing The Same Dress.pdf (212Kb)
  40. Frances Ha Frances Sophie.pdf (37Kb)
  41. Fried Green Tomatoes.doc (29Kb)
  42. Friends with Money.doc (22Kb)
  43. G I JANE.doc (28Kb)
  44. GIA break in.doc (23Kb)
  45. Georgia Rule Georgia Lily.pdf (109Kb)
  46. Georgia Rules Georgia Lilly.doc (33Kb)
  47. Girl In Park Julia Louisa.pdf (116Kb)
  48. Girl Interrupted Psychologist.doc (32Kb)
  49. Girl Interrupted.doc (24Kb)
  50. Girl Interupted Daisys Apt..doc (28Kb)
  51. Hanging Up Mother Daughter.doc (25Kb)
  52. Hanging Up Sisters 2.doc (27Kb)
  53. Hanging Up Sisters.doc (26Kb)
  54. Hannah Dress.pdf (92Kb)
  55. Hannah and her Sisters Dinner.doc (26Kb)
  56. Hannah and herSisters Shop.doc (35Kb)
  57. Happiness.doc (22Kb)
  58. High Noon.doc (23Kb)
  59. Hooters.doc (41Kb)
  60. Hope Floats[5].doc (25Kb)
  61. House Sitter Lunch.doc (27Kb)
  62. How Stella Got Her Groove Back.doc (29Kb)
  63. Imagine Me and You.doc (25Kb)
  64. In Her Shoes Apartment.pdf (138Kb)
  65. In Her Shoes Cafe.doc (28Kb)
  66. In Her Shoes Maggie Ella.doc (31Kb)
  67. In Her Shoes Maggie Ella2.doc (27Kb)
  68. JackieBrown Jackie Max1.doc (29Kb)
  69. JackieBrown Jackie Max2.doc (30Kb)
  70. Julia Julia Lily.docx (16Kb)
  71. Junebug Ashley Madeleine.pdf (27Kb)
  72. Kissing Jessica Stein Apt..doc (26Kb)
  73. Kissing Jessica Stein Rest..doc (28Kb)
  74. Knocked Up Allison Debbie.rtf (7Kb)
  75. Labor Day Adele Monologue.pdf (131Kb)
  76. Last Summer At Bluefish Cove Party.doc (40Kb)
  77. Leaving Norma1.doc (25Kb)
  78. Legally Blonde Beauty Shop.doc (45Kb)
  79. Mamet Women.docx (29Kb)
  80. Margot at the Wedding Margot Pauline.pdf (182Kb)
  81. Martha Marcy May Marlene Lucy Martha.pdf (17Kb)
  82. Martha Marcy May Marlene Screenplay.pdf (189Kb)
  83. Marvins Room.doc (27Kb)
  84. Monster In Law Scene Charlie Viola.docx (14Kb)
  85. Monster.doc (39Kb)
  86. Mystic Pizza Sisters.doc (31Kb)
  87. Nebraska Kate Monologue.pdf (208Kb)
  88. NotEasilyBroken Michelle Clarice.doc (30Kb)
  89. Odd Couple Chick Version.pdf (16Kb)
  90. On Golden Pond Ethel Chelsea.pdf (217Kb)
  91. One True Thing Scrapbook.doc (29Kb)
  92. Outrageous Fortune Audition.doc (34Kb)
  93. Untamed Heart[3].doc (28Kb)
  94. Walking and Talking.doc (22Kb)
  95. Wheres My Money.doc (54Kb)
  96. White Oleander Astrid Ingrid.pdf (211Kb)
  97. Woman Thou Art Loosed.doc (22Kb)
  98. Women of Manhattan 3.rtf (14Kb)
  99. Working Girl First Meeting.doc (33Kb)
  100. Your Sister's Sister Hannah Iris.pdf (9Kb)