The Theater

The theater is a place to discover one's core - to explore and search out who we are as individuals. Children and animals know their true calling and who they are. Both act on pure instinct and innate gifts. We as actors - we as adults, must explore the lost CHILD in us and bring that perfect being to life on stage. It is only then that we have truly arrived as actors.

Frank Rossi returned to Upstate, New York in the summer of 2002. He immediately recruited several dedicated and very passionate actors and began teaching acting technique, cold reading and comedy improvisation skills. During the past five years, Mr. Rossi has taught over 300 actors in the upstate, New York region alone. Mr. Rossi also spends time privately coaching actors in Los Angeles.

Frank's weekly advanced class in New York is currently visited by numerous casting directors, producers and directors. The advanced class also participates in several showcases annually.

To date, Frank's students have booked well over 800 paying jobs in upstate, New York, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and the Los Angeles area.