5 Hour DVD Interactive Acting Series
For Children, Teens & Young Adults

This 5-Hour DVD interactive series contains a Workbook, Screenplay and 3 DVD Discs. It's perfect for the young actor interested in learning PROVEN Acting and Auditioning techniques for Film, Television and Stage. This DVD series encourages the actor at home to participate right along with Mr. Rossi and his students in the Interactive Exercises and comprehensive Workbook. ACT NOW and get FREE BONUS FOOTAGE of an actual finished scene and monologue from the screenplay, Bakerstown. In it, Mr. Rossi shows you how the young actors arrived at their final performances.

Frank Rossi's Teaching Demo

5 hour Interactive DVD Series Includes:

Frank Rossi DVD Set
DVD I: Emotional Tools Of Acting
(1h 11m)
DVD II: Building A Character
(1h 53m)
DVD III: Booking The Job (1h 35m)
Bonus Footage (26m)
$ 139.95 USD
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"This DVD series is a must for all young actors. Frank is a gifted artist with an incredible knack for teaching the basics of acting and beyond. He is absolutely fabulous with kids."

- Beverlee Dean
Former manager of Child Stars:
Hillary Duff, Jessica Biel, Jeremy London, Reese Witherspoon & Tara Reid