Private Lessons via Skype™

Study privately via Skype with Hollywood acting coach, Frank A. Rossi. Mr. Rossi has coached hundreds of working actors around the country, including, Passion Of The Christ star, Jim Caviezel, How I Met Your Mother's, Charlene Amoia, Danni Lang from the features, Safe & Fair Game, National Kmart & Sears live host, Doug Buczak and Broadway lead actress, Liz Mckendry from The Producers, just to name a few.

Learn Basic and Advanced acting techniques for Stage, Film, Television and Commercials. Let Mr. Rossi teach you his proven and powerful AUDITIONING techniques via Skype™. Learn how to gain the advantage on BOOKING that Job.

PRICE: $75.00 per hour

REQUIREMENTS: High Speed Internet Connection, Skype™ Member, Web Camera

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Skype Lesson 1 Hour - $75.00
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