Advanced Weekly Class: (Buffalo/Rochester NY)

  • An Ongoing Advanced Class dedicated to the consistent growth of the actor, utilizing the following:
    • Method: Sense Memory & Emotional Recall
    • Meisner: Repeat Listening & Imagination Exercises
    • Advanced Scene Study: Detailed Script Analysis, Character Development, Subtext, Blocking, Utilizing the room, Event, Objective, Urgency, Coming from and Going to with High Stakes.
    • Comedy Improv
    • Commercial Copy
    • On Camera Audition Techniques: (Film/TV/Commercial)
    • Cold Reading: Analysis and Application
  • Locations:
    • Buffalo, NY – The New Phoenix Theater
      95 Johnson Park, Buffalo, NY
      (Mondays 6:45PM - 9:45PM)
    • The Space Theater, 1115 East Main St. Rochester NY
      (Wednesdays 6:45PM - 9:45PM)
  • Benefits:
    • Casting Directors, Producers & Directors contact Mr. Rossi for Film, TV & Commercial Auditions.
    • Showcase Opportunities:
    • Directors, Casting Directors and Producers attend classes looking for talent.
  • Cost: $30.00 per class

Since 2004, Rossi's students have booked over 1850 paid acting jobs in Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, NY and Los Angeles.

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Advanced Class
in Buffalo
- $30.00
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Advanced Class
in Rochester
- $35.00
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