Frank Rossi directing on set.
"Your most direct route to being a working actor is to study and train with those who have manifested work themselves."

Frank Rossi was born in Buffalo, NY. A graduate of Baker Victory High School, Frank began his acting career performing in several plays and musicals in high school. Mr. Rossi then continued his education by attending Colgate University on a four-year football scholarship. While at Colgate, Frank played football and track while simultaneously finding the time to perform in several college musicals and plays.

After receiving his BA in Economics, Mr. Rossi accepted a management training position with the prestigious New York banking firm, Manufacturers Hanover Trust. Over the next year, Frank became the top salesman in his division.

While working at the bank one afternoon, Frank's life was changed forever. A talent agent walked into his office for a commercial loan. Two weeks later, Frank began studying with former Sanford Meisner student and neighborhood playhouse graduates, Greg Zittel and Bill Alderson. Mr. Rossi graduated from the two-year program then became a member of Actors Equity Association, performing in several Off-Broadway plays including: A Hatful of Rain, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Private Wars.

In between shows, Frank continued his studies by attending various classes on cold reading, scene study, and on camera technique with Arthur Sherman. A product of the Actors Studio, Mr. Sherman directed several Broadway productions including, Death of a Salesman starring Dustin Hoffman.

Now well trained, the young and tenacious actor traveled to Miami, Florida, walked into the Miami Vice production office and persuaded casting director, Dee Miller to audition him on the spot. Two days later, after auditioning for the director, Frank landed a co-star role on the number one TV show in the country. Returning to New York with his recently obtained Screen Actors Guild card, Frank then joined AFTRA and began performing as a principal in several national commercials, as well as guest starring on, As the World Turns and One Life to Live.

Then in 1989, Mr. Rossi moved to Los Angeles. He immediately joined the well-respected, Vincent Chase on camera and cold reading workshop. Mr. Chase had coached hundreds of soap and television stars over his 35-year career.

After two years there, Frank auditioned for world renowned acting teacher, Stella Adler. After being accepted into her master program, Frank studied advanced scene study for 2 years with Ms. Adler. Ms. Adler is considered one of the two top acting teachers in American history, privately coaching; Robert Deniro, Al Pacino, Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman and a host of other film stars. A year later, Mr. Rossi expanded his studies, spending the next 3 years at the Harvey Lembeck Comedy improv workshop. Mr. Rossi has also studied acting and writing for several years under the tutelage of his mentor and long time friend, Oscar winner, Bobby Moresco.

In 1994, Mr. Rossi met and began studying acting with Oscar winner, Bobby Moresco. Frank also became Mr. Moresco's writer assistant in 1995 at 20 Century Fox Studios. The two men sold a 1 hour TV drama episode to Fox in 1997. Frank continued studying and working with Mr. Moresco through 2001.

Frank enjoyed 15 years in Los Angeles, acting in over 45 national commercials, several feature films, including; White Men Can't Jump, Blue Chips, The Criminal Mind, as well as guest starring over 50 times on, The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. Frank has also guest-starred on the sitcom, The Single Guy, and Gary Goldberg's show, Champs.

While in LA, Frank teamed up with manager/producer, Beverlee Dean. Ms. Dean has managed such notables as Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, Kevin Sorbo, Cylk Cozart and Jim Caviezel. It was here where, Frank was asked to privately coach several of Ms. Dean's clients, including for nearly 3 years, The Passion of the Christ and CBS's hit show, Person of Interest star, Jim Caviezel.

From 2003 – Present, Mr. Rossi has expanded his teaching, coaching hundreds of actors for Stage, Film & Television in both Western New York and Los Angeles. STUDENTS include: Rob Bates, (Marshall, Battledogs) Liz McKendry (Producers on Broadway) Will Herzog, (CSI New York, Boardwalk Empire) Bob Bozek, (Cold Brook, Marshall, Wolf Boy), Paul Spitale, (Walmart 3-year TV Commercial Contract, Marshall) Sammi DiMora, (Supah Ninja's) Danni Lang (Inappropriate Comedy, Safe, Fair Game, Late Autumn, etc), Kelsey Ford (Adventureland, Vampires Suck), Lizzy Cappuccino (Jessica Jones, Super Dark Times, Deception) Josh Nuncio (Malaysia, Marshall, I -3 Vampire's, XII) Charlene Amoia (Cold Brook, How I met Your Mother, Seven Pounds, American Reunion, ICarly, Days of Our Lives), Doug Buczak (Spokesman for Kmart & Sears, Raymour & Flannigan) and Aidan Doran, (Jim Gaffigan) to name a few.

In 2008, Mr. Rossi also wrote and produced his own 5-Hour DVD and workbook series on, Basic & Advanced Acting Techniques in Film and Television for kids and young adults. The series includes 3 DVD's, a workbook and screenplay written by Frank. The series is currently available through Insight Media, Amazon and on Mr. Rossi's website. In 2009, Mr. Rossi produced and directed the 30 minute music video and series of commercials for, Rockin' Kids Club.

Frank has also continued his acting career, co-starring in the 2009 feature, The Alphabet Killer, starring, Timothy Hutton and Elisha Dushku. Frank plays police officer, Francis Baker. From 2010 – Present, Frank has also co-starred in, Emile, Battledogs, The Focus Box, 3:14, Vlog and Loyal to the Game.

Casting Director Career

In 2016, Mr. Rossi also began casting Hollywood feature films in the WNY area. First up was Marshall. The feature film stars Chadwick Boseman, Josh Gad, Kate Hudson, Dan Stevens, Sterling Brown and James Cromwell. Frank was responsible for casting 26 Principal roles, and the criminal jury. Four of Mr. Rossi's students booked Principal roles in the film and six are on the jury. In 2017, Frank cast 24 Principal Roles in William Fichtner's feature film directorial debut film, Cold Brook. The film stars Bill Fichtner and Kim Coates. Seven of Mr. Rossi's students have principal roles in the film, and 35 more obtained SAG Vouchers in the project.

Writing Career

Mr. Rossi began writing in 1990. In that year, Frank co-wrote and produced the 16mm short film titled, Struggle Within, with writer/director, William Phelps. The project sold and was distributed in high schools throughout the country. Frank continued his love for writing and wrote several screenplays and TV spec scripts throughout the 90's.

From 1997 – 2001, Frank spent 4 years under the tutelage of Oscar winner, Bobby Moresco (Crash, Million Dollar Baby). Working with Bobby, the two sold a script Frank wrote (Prince of Peace) to the Fox TV show, Millennium starring, Lance Henrikson. Mr. Rossi then went on to write and produce the serial killer thriller, A Time Of Fear. The film premiered in Los Angeles in 2004, starred Nick Mancuso and was distributed by Columbia home video. From 2005 – 2017, Frank has written 1 book, 4 screenplays, a pilot for Television, his 5 hr DVD series and has also been hired to write 2 features. See list below.

Feature Films & Books

Bull in the Ring

Remember the Titans meets In the Heat of the Night
Featured on Outside the Lines (ESPN)

Former Football All-American, Willie Evans seeks justice for his teammates and himself a half-century after they were disinvited to a bowl game because of the color of Willie’s skin. The true story of the 1958 UB Bulls and their vote not to go to a national bowl game without their lone black athlete is an amazing example of how one small decision can contribute to a greater change.

Victims of Circumstance

Good Will Hunting meets Blow
A True Story (Novel)

25-year-old opioid drug dealer and user Nick Harris, miraculously redeems himself despite being haunted by the public death and humiliation of his infamous father, prison escape artist and convicted murderer Richard William Matt.

An Everyday Hero

The Great Santini meets Rudy
A True Story

Blue-collar 1980's steel worker, Frank DeMarco works tirelessly to provide for his family, while fueling his passion and love for football, by pushing his son, Bobby to pursue an NFL career. Later we learn that the gridiron is not the only place to find a hero.

Blood on the Slopes

Primal Fear meets Seven

When a group of seven A-list fashion models and their top-notch agent are gruesomely murdered while on a winter fashion shoot at a remote, abandoned ski resort in upstate NY, local authorities find themselves mystified, despite having one surviving eye witness to the crimes.

The Unwanted

Boy Town meets Schindler's List
A True Story

1890's Civil War hero and successful businessman, Nelson Baker joins the priesthood after witnessing an apparition of the "Blessed Mary" on the battlefield, then spends a lifetime building a small city dedicated to: orphans, unwed mothers, the poor and oppressed.